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What can children do in Queenstown?

The Best Place for Kids…Queenstown is a “whole family” destination, catering to curious minds without alienating any one age group.

Travelling with children in tow can feel like herding cats on the best days. They need to be entertained, challenged, stimulated and managed – there’s no lasting break for Mum and Dad, just the soothing sounds of little laughs and the occasional silence or two. Between packing their bags and sourcing the right snacks, parents have a lot to contend with; who has time to research special, kids-safe, adult-friendly activities? We do. New Zealand travel plans should be the epitome of fun for everyone – including you.

Snap a memory, smile together and return to your hotel knowing your kids are happy, engaged and ready for the next day of New Zealand children’s activities and a few adult ones too.

What to do in Queenstown?


Kick their senses into gear with an eagle-eye view of Queenstown, jumping aboard the Skyline Gondola. The perfect place for a round of I Spy, landmark spotting and seated fun, the Skyline delivers the awe in awesome without over-complicating it. Bob’s Peak awaits at the top of your ride, the second stage of the Skyline experience – let the little ones immerse themselves in traditional Maori entertainment. After a bite to eat and a snack of two, it’s time to descend… on the Skyline Luge! Perfectly fun for everyone, select a track and race the family to the bottom –  it’s safe, secure and guaranteed to please!

Puzzling World

What you see here cannot always be believed – don’t trust your eyes. Puzzling World is fun. No other words are required to describe the insane combination of architectural absurdities, as visitors wind their way through weird buildings, illusion rooms and a much-talked about Great Maze. Be careful, you will get turned around! It’s designed to baffle, bewilder and bemuse, challenging reality from its front doors to the Puzzle Centre Café. A big hit with kids and adults of all ages, this isn’t a miss-it location.

TSS Earnslaw Cruise

Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu is majestic, magnificent and deeply photogenic…  and a little boring for anyone under 18. While kids love beautiful things and places, turning it into an event will keep them invested beyond the 10 minute mark. Board the steamship TSS Earnslaw and cross the glassy waters in comfort, encouraging their curiosity for the steam engines, the bridge, the decks and the pianist tapping out tunes on the baby grand piano. Explore it all before relaxing on the deck and digging into a delicious lunch from the Promenade Café.

Kiwi Birdlife Park

New Zealand’s fauna is mostly a mystery to anyone outside the islands, besides one little bird with a great long bill. The Kiwi Birdlife Park is dedicated to educating visitors in the ways of conservation, protection and the impact of habitat destruction, allowing everyone to get up close and personal with an iconic cutie. Book a feeding experience or go one better… meet a living dinosaur. The park is home to the Tuatara, a native lizard dating back to 200 million years ago – the lone survivor of a once prevalent species order. You really can’t get much cooler than that.

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