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6 Reasons You Should Book a Spot on the Milford Sound Overnight Cruise

Milford Sound has been called the world’s top travel destination and is the most famous of the natural fiords in the Fiordland region.

Many call it the “eighth wonder of the world” due to its jaw-dropping beauty. Like its relative Doubtful Sound, it’s a rare place because it becomes even more beautiful with rain – after rainfall, dozens of waterfalls begin to cascade down the steep cliff faces around the fiord. It’s also rich with aquatic life, native birds and unique features.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, here are six of the best reasons to book a spot on a Milford Sound overnight cruise… believe us when we say it’s the trip of a lifetime


1.   The purpose-built boat, the Milford Wanderer

Set sail on the Milford Wanderer – a purpose-built modern vessel designed in the style of a traditional trading scow to reflect Fiordland’s heritage. There are private or shared cabins, and a full bar and dining room, but the real magic happens on the viewing deck!


2.   Nature Guides

The on-board nature guides are super knowledgeable and are there to elevate your experience. They’ll show you all the weird and wonderful creatures of the fiord – you won’t find another place that lets you see dolphins, fur seals and penguins swimming so close to shore and surrounded by the trees on the cliffs!


3.   Explore up close with a Kayak, small boat or swimming adventure

Get even closer with a guided shoreline cruise on a small boat to see the native plants on shore and the black coral under the water… black coral usually grows deep on the ocean floor but due to the unique conditions of the fiord, it can be found in waters as shallow as 10 metres in Milford Sound!

Brave travellers may test the waters with a swim, after all the water is incredibly pure… but also incredibly cold! We think the more sensible option is to grab a kayak and paddle… do some exploring while keeping dry!


4.   The Scenery

Did we mention the scenery yet? Well, it’s unlike anywhere else on earth – really! Sheer cliffs descending into the water… there are two permanent waterfalls which you’ll visit, but after rainfall dozens more waterfalls form, with water tumbling down from as high as 1000 metres into the fiord. It’s simply spectacular. Make sure your camera is handy at all times – you’ll want to show these pictures to everyone back home!


5.   Unique in Fiordland

Although its relative Doubtful Sound is bigger in size, Milford Sound is undoubtedly the most dramatic fiord in terms of scenery. You’re also treated to one the most epic drives in New Zealand on your way in! Doubtful Sound, by contrast is only accessible by boat, making it more exclusive and more expensive to visit.


6.   The Food!

On board the Milford Wanderer, you’ll get a three-course dinner and continental breakfast, and back on shore there is the excellent Pio Pio cafe serving up amazing local produce – many visitors are shocked at the quality of the food in such a remote spot!


It’s just one more reason to book in your Milford Sound experience today. See the “eighth wonder of the world” with Relaxing Journeys.