Tour Deposit Confirmed

What Happens Now?

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Your designated Tour Consultant will now book your tour, subject to availability. As soon as your holiday is confirmed, we will notify you, and a Booking Advice will be emailed to you together with details on how and when to pay your tour balance. This will happen within a few days of paying your deposit.

If you have not heard from your Tour Consultant within 7 days of paying your deposit, then please let us know. Experience tells us that our confirmation email has been deleted by your spam filter or your email provider blocked our email. Send your Tour Consultant a quick email, and we will attempt another way to send you your Booking Advice.

Flight Details (Important)

If you have not yet purchased your flight to New Zealand please wait until you receive your Booking Advice from your Tour Consultant, confirming all is in order.

On saying that, we need your arrival flight details as soon as possible so that we can organise your airport transfers, if they are included in your tour. Airport transfers are not included with some tour types, so you would have been informed of this already. In this case, we will need your pre tour accommodation details (if we are not booking these for you) so we can arrange for your tour documentation to be finalised.

Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended that Travel Insurance be purchased to cover against loss or damage to luggage, accident or sickness and any unforeseen need to cancel your tour. We do not sell travel insurance, however we can provide you with contact information to selected providers at your request.


A quick run down of what you can expect from Relaxing Journeys and what we require from you:

  • You: You tour deposit has now been paid.
  • Us: Your Tour Consultant will now book your tour and email you with a Booking Advice when confirmed.
  • You: Please email your Tour Consultant with your flight details (if applicable).
  • You: Please pay your tour balance at least 45 days prior to the start of your tour.
  • Us: Tour Consultant confirms receipt of your tour balance.
  • Us: Your Tour Consultant will email you with your arrival instructions and a copy of your itinerary around 30 days out from your tour start date.
  • Us: We organise for your travel documentation to be waiting for you on arrival as per your itinerary.
  • You: Enjoy a spectacular once in a lifetime, relaxing journey, in New Zealand!

Your Accounts Contact At Relaxing Journeys

If you had any issues with the tour deposit process then please let our Accounts team know.
Many thanks.

Useful Information

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If you have any other questions about your New Zealand tour that are not covered here, then please let your tour consultant know.


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