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Red Carpet Tours

Red Carpet Tours are the most experienced Lord of the Rings tour operator in New Zealand, providing the most comprehensive tours available. Evolving over its eleven year history, they now offer the very best of both the Lord of the Rings and New Zealand in one compelling package.

Red Carpet Tours will take you on a pilgrimage through Middle-earth. Part of a fellowship from the moment you arrive until the time you leave, you will mix with like-minded people and form friendships that last a lifetime. You will go off the beaten track, to locations closed to the public, and experience not only awe-inspiring scenery and sets; you will meet some of those who were involved in making the films, and have access to the in-depth knowledge of your passionate guides.

– The most experienced LOTR tour operator in New Zealand.
– Connections built over many years means RCT has created the optimal NZ and LOTR tour experience.
– Small group touring, personal attention, high level of service.
– Highest quality, most meticulous and comprehensive LOTR tour on offer.
– Excellent New Zealand and LOTR knowledge.
– Born out of genuine interest and passion for Tolkien and LOTR.
– The tours are in-depth and rich in both New Zealand and LOTR culture.
– LOTR fans first and Tour operators second.
– Depth of knowledge and expertise well-beyond what fans would expect.
– As ‘behind the scenes’ as possible – imparting interesting and little known facts, personal interactions with people involved in the production and a chance to bring the scenes to life by acting out a chosen part.
– Caring, sharing fellowship created naturally, not a superficial ‘theme-park’ experience.
– The life-changing, awe-inspiring nature of the tour in its entirety.

Red Carpet Tours Team

Passionate and knowledgeable, our team is here to make your dream of visiting Middle Earth a reality. We will lead you in the footsteps of your favourite hobbits through the lush green fields of the Shire, to gaze upon the shorelines of unspoiled lakes surrounded by snow-capped peaks, and to epic battle grounds, in an experience so compelling you will almost hear the distant thud of hooves and swords clashing. You will start your LOTR with strangers, and depart as friends, bound by the memories from an adventure of a lifetime on a journey exploring the length and breadth of the country that has become Middle-earth.

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