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Tour Pace

The range and variety of tours on offer with Relaxing Journeys and our coach partners means it’s sometimes difficult to determine the tour best suited for you. We’ve allocated every tour with an indicator of the pace of the tour – not all of our tours are ‘relaxing’!


Tours categorised as ‘relaxing’, generally have a majority of two to four night stopovers in multiple regions throughout the itinerary. And/or the distances travelled between each location are relatively short and broken up with plenty of stopovers. Some tours have been categorised ‘relaxing’ but may be quite long in duration. Premium tours tend to be more ‘relaxing’ – the price generally goes up the longer the tour and subsequently more accommodation is required.


Tours that have some multi-night stopovers included and the distances travelled between each town/city are not too long. There are some regions in NZ where a long days driving or coaching is required, but most are broken up with an overnight stay.


If time is short then these tours will suit you best. Cover as much as you can in the limited time available. These tours are not ‘rushed’ but generally include only the occasional ‘multi-night stopover.


Itineraries designed for those that really enjoy the outdoors. Walking and hiking tours, with a good level of fitness required. Your perfect day in the outdoors is at an easy pace, somewhere between 3 and 6 hours.

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