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“Rotorua – feel the spirit – Manaakitanga”. It’s our catchcry …and it holds a pretty powerful promise as well as an invitation to experience the essence of our extraordinary slice of New Zealand.

A deep-rooted Maori cultural concept, Manaakitanga places a responsibility on us as your hosts to give you the best of ourselves, our time and our history.

A feeling you’ll return home with, Manaakitanga begins the moment you arrive in Rotorua whether seeking adventure, rejuvenation, experiences with nature and earth forces, or soaking up Maori and European history, art and culture.

Voted New Zealand’s Most Beautiful City in 1999, 2000 and 2002, Rotorua’s striking gardens, cobbled streets and fascinating mix of Maori and English Tudor architecture give the city a significant point of difference. Beyond the urban centre, a backdrop of geothermal steam, volcanic mountains and huge crater lakes remind you that this region rests immediately above the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Beneath Rotorua, the forces that have shaped the landscape are still at work. Over millions of years, volcanic action has created mountains, lakes and large areas of geothermal activity. The scenery has a highly unique type of beauty.

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