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Martinborough is a small town located in the Wairarapa district of the Wellington region in the southern part of the North Island about one hour from the Nation’s capital. Martinborough is well known as a wine region with a unique micro-climate that is conducive to growing chardonnay and pinot noir which are the primary grapes grown there. It is widely billed as one of [if not] the best pinot regions in the country and hosts the ‘Toast Martinborough’ festival every November.

One of the more curious facts about Martinborough is that the towns’ original layout designed by its founder, John Martin, is an homage to the Union Flag of Martin’s birth country England in the 19th century and when viewed from the air you can clearly see this unique street layout.

Due to the flat layout of this small town it is an ideal place to explore the local vineyards and cellar doors on bicycle. Most of the vineyards are located very close together and in an afternoon one can visit various different sites without travelling very far.

Some of the more notable wineries include Schubert Wines, Te Kairanga, Tirohana Estate, Palliser Estate Wines, Dry River, Martinborough Vineyard, Murdoch James, Ata Rangi, Craggy Range and Alana Estate.

Pukaha Mt Bruce
Between Napier and Wellington on State Highway 2 this wildlife reserve is a perfect place to break up the journey. One of the most important wildlife reserves in NZ it offers both stunning views and a unique native wildlife experience that is definitely worth a visit.

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