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Invercargill is favourably placed on the Southern Scenic Route and is the gateway to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery and destinations including the Southland heartland, Stewart Island, Fiordland and the Catlins.

With a combination of cultural attractions, a rejuvenated city life and outstanding nature reserves and parks, Invercargill is a great place to stay for a few days.

From excellent shopping to lively cafes, restaurants and bars, Invercargill has all the benefits of city life with few of the drawbacks. The inner city upgrade has transformed the city centre into a modern, attractive and vibrant heart of the city.

The variety and number of heritage buildings in the city centre add to Invercargill’s character. Explore the city and its many fine museums, art galleries and parks or take a short trip to one of the bush reserves, beaches or gardens on Invercargill’s outskirts.

Invercargill is the perfect place to experience the ‘real’ New Zealand, at an unhurried pace. With wide streets, gentle traffic flow and no hustle or bustle, the city is easy to explore and has something for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

And because the sea and several significant scenic reserves are right on Invercargill’s doorstep, it’s possible to go horse riding on a beach, hear native bird song in the bush and enjoy some of the country’s best boutique and department store shopping, all in the same day.

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