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Tasmania’s capital lies in the south-east of the state, near the mouth of the Derwent River at the foot of Mount Wellington.

The 19th century waterfront warehouses for which the city is famous once bustled with whalers, soldiers, petty bureaucrats and opportunist businessmen. Now they house cafes, restaurants and studios and bustle with shoppers and visitors. Polished glass winks in the windows of settlers’ cottages, and brass doorknobs gleam in the lofty porches of colonial edifices.

Hobart is warm sandstone, bright spinnakers on the water, fish punts at the docks, the slap of halyards on masts, coffee under the striped sun umbrellas of Salamanca, an occasional frosting of snow on Mt Wellington, bush tracks and birdsong.

Square-riggers still put out on the river, tacking among the yachts and fishing boats. Parliament House looks out on its lawns, once the market garden for old Hobart Town, and historic Government House sits serenely in its park, where the Governor’s cows graze as they always have in their city-centre paddock.

Hobart ’s busy arts scene takes in art, craft, music and theatre. Here you can enjoy Irish jigs or pub rock, a flutter at the Wrest Point casino, street buskers and string quartets, and theatrical performances both classic and contemporary. In galleries and studios, artists and craftspeople make bold and beautiful statements in pigments, glass, pottery and fabrics.

A city for all seasons
Tasmania experiences four distinct seasons and Hobart is a glorious showcase of these seasons — sometimes all in the one day!

Spring and Autumn weather are absolutely glorious with the beauty of spring growth and flowering unmatched elsewhere in Australia and similarly the mellowness of the autumn colourings and light. Spring and Autumn day temperatures are generally mild usually in the range of 15-20 degrees celsius.

Historic HobartIn Summer Salamanca Place is the heart of “café society” where all of Hobart [it seems] congregates to enjoy the delights of al fresco dining and drinking in the popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Theatre in the Botanical Gardens is a summer highlight not to be missed, as is the Hobart Summer Festival on Hobart’s waterfront during January.

In Winter the emphasis is on indoor activities with cosy fires and warm indoor gatherings popular. In the city it rarely snows, and then only for a few minutes. Hobart’s Mount Wellington can be snowcapped for three months of the year, and many of the highland mountains carry a spectacular coating of snow during the winter months.

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