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Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands region has the finest maritime park in New Zealand with the 144 Islands and secluded bays. The Bay has an abundance of marine life, including the big marlin, whales, penguins, dolphins, gannets and many other species. The maritime and historic park is the original cradle of European civilization and has fine examples of Maori culture.

The Bay with its pristine natural environment is the gathering place in the South Pacific for overseas sailing yachts on world cruises, international sport fishermen, golfers and marine enthusiasts. In the Bay of Islands you can find thrilling adventure or perfect peace. The unbelievable natural beauty, amazing beaches and a host of islands make for an idyllic aquatic playground and ultimate retreat. The townships of this historic bay are infused with both Maori and European history. You’ll find out why the Bay of Islands is considered to be the birthplace of New Zealand as a bi-cultural nation. You’ll also see how Maori culture and lifestyle have adapted to modern times.

Wherever you are in the Bay of Islands, there are plenty of recreational activities in the blue-green world of island and beach: charter a yacht or launch, dive or snorkel, paddle a sea kayak in and out of the islands’ nooks and crannies or swim with the dolphins.

Many people come to the Bay of Islands with marlin in mind. Zane Grey, the great American western writer and big game fisherman, pitched a tent and caught his first marlin here in 1926. He made sure the world heard about it! Today enthusiasts come from all over the globe in pursuit of marlin, broad bills and game sharks. You can take part in competitive tournaments or hire a boat for your own fishing trip.

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