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Glacier Explorers – Tasman Glacier
Glacier Explorers - Tasman Glacier

No two days are the same for the glacier! The dynamics of the Tasman glacial lake environment ensure that every time you visit the Mount Cook National Park it will be different.

Very few glaciers terminate into lakes and even fewer are readily accessible to travellers. By boat, we explore the huge dripping iceface of New Zealand’s largest glacier. Watch and listen to the ice melting before your eyes in this tranquil glacial lake nestled in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Discover spectacular ice formations which have calved into the murky waters of Lake Tasman. Stop, to touch and taste 500 year old ice and, on occasion, a walk on an iceberg provides a new and exciting experience for all. You won’t revel in serenity for long, as all senses are jolted back to reality as rockfall crashes down the iceface above.

Holding 500 year old ice in your hand – if you dare, allows rapid learning and understanding of how the glacier makes its way on the long journey down the valley, eventually arriving at Lake Tasman in the form of a beautiful iceberg.

Guides give a comprehensive commentary on the mechanics of the Tasman Glacier, disclosing facets of glaciation, terminal lake formation, plate tectonics, local and climbing history.

The Glacier Explorers experience is an educational tour suited to all ages and is executed to the highest safety standards.

Fantastic photographic opportunities are abundant. The grandeur of New Zealand’s most spectacular alpine destination will leave an impression which is difficult to describe and impossible to forget!

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