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Taieri Gorge Train Journey

The Taieri Gorge train is Dunedin’s prestige tourist train operating from the historic Railway Station

Departing daily (except Christmas day) it takes you on a journey through the rugged and spectacular Taieri River Gorge, across wrought iron viaducts and through tunnels carved by hand more than 100 years ago.

With full commentary, photographic stops and on board refreshments the train offers year round, all-weather entertainment.

You can make the return journey to Pukerangi, or Middlemarch, or use the train as the one leg of your journey to or from Queenstown and Central Otago on our connecting ‘Track & Trail’ coach.

The Line

The line is part of the now-closed Otago Central Railway of the New Zealand Government Railways (now Tranz Rail), which ran from Wingatui to Cromwell. Tranz Rail Ltd  have retained the first 4 km of the line from Wingatui as the Taieri Branch to serve local industry and the Taieri Gorge Railway owns the 60 kms of line from the  4 km  to Middlemarch at 64 km. Access to the Taieri Gorge Railway from Dunedin is over Tranz Rail tracks by a “running rights” agreement. 


Single line throughout with passing loops at North Taieri, Parera, Hindon, Pukerangi and Middlemarch. There are also service sidings at Mt Allan, Hindon, Pukerangi and Middlemarch. 

Track Gauge

1067 mm [3 ft 6 in] (New Zealand standard gauge). 

Track Construction

Predominantly 35 kg/m [70 lb/yd] flat bottom rail on wooden sleepers (ties) on 40 mm. ballast. Bolted joints (no welded rail).

Maximum Curvature

140 m [7 chain] radius

Maximum Gradient

1 in 50 [2%]

Maximum Height Above Sea Level

254 m [833 ft]

Minimum Height Above Sea Level

28 m [92 ft]

Maximum Speed

50 km/h [30 mph] (due to the small radius curves)

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