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Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Breathe deeply, and take in the native bush, ferns, trees and plants that grow and flower all around you.

Enjoy the tranquillity of the crystal clear cold water that flows tirelessly from the subterranean springs. Marvel at the silent grace of the magnificent specimens of Rainbow, Brown and Tiger trout, cruising the fern-fringed pools.

Over two million litres of pure fresh spring water wells up naturally into the Rainbow Springs each day.

Interestingly, the water that comes bubbling out of the spring, might well have started as rain up to 50 years ago, falling on Mt Ngongataha. This extinct volcano has no established streams to carry its run off, so the water soaks into the ground and filters through the volcanic rock. Finally it emerges through an aquifer as the beautiful clean clear water that bubbles out of the Spring.

At A Glance

Here’s what to see and do at Rainbow Springs nature park.

– See a live kiwi foraging for food
– Feed large Rainbow trout in our crystal clear spring-fed pools
– Walk through our native New Zealand bush, see a silver fern, and marvel at our impressive imports – such as giant redwood trees.
– Come face to face with a Tuatara, a living dinosaur!

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