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Pride of Auckland

Our fleet of 4 x 50 foot monohull yachts are fully aced by the New Zealand Maritime Safety Authority under the New Zealand Safe Ship Management System.

Designed by the famous N.Z. yacht designer Alan Wright in 1986, each yacht was built from the same mould to provide exciting yet safe excursions for sailors and non sailors alike.

Each cockpit comfortably accommodates 21 passengers, giving a maximum capacity for each sailing experience of 84 passengers. For dining, Challenger and Courageous can each seat 19 in the restaurant below, and Defender and Defiance 21 passengers each, totalling 80 passengers.

Their performance under sail is easy and powerful, even in light breezes. They weigh 19.3 tonnes with 13 tonnes in the hull and rigging and 6 tonnes of lead in the keel two metres beneath the water surface. So they are very stable, and stay upright and comfortable even in windy conditions.

They are designed to operate with two crew and the only time we need to leave the cockpit is to hoist and drop the mainsail. The sails are of two ply 5.4oz Dacron with fully battened mains and high cut Yankee jibs.

The yachts harness the power of the wind to provide a stable and rhythmical motion where movement is generally less than experienced on an aeroplane flight – we never have passengers suffer seasickness!

At a Glance

– Sit back and relax or help our professional crew steer the yacht and trim the sails.
– We provide windproof and waterproof jackets to keep you warm and dry.
– Listen to an informative commentary.
– Enjoy the sites of Auckland’s famous City of Sails.
– Includes entry to the NZ National Maritime Museum

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