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Kelly Tarlton’s – Auckland

At road level, motorists heading along Auckland’s scenic Tamaki Drive could not be blamed for believing it was all harbour vistas, sail boats, cappuccinos and ice creams, but all is not as it seems!

Beneath Auckland’s Tamaki Drive, just 6km from downtown Auckland, lies a world-class experience and one of New Zealand’s best tourist attractions. Kelly Tarlton’s is filled with a myriad of deep-sea creatures; it never fails to provide an entertaining, educational, and fascinating day out.

The $6 million dollar redevelopment ‘Stingray Bay’ is a tantalising glimpse of these magnificent animals with their two-metre wingspan and long barbed tails. They can be viewed through a beautiful, massive acrylic 350,000 litre open-topped tank that will allow your client to get up close and personal with these graceful, ‘winged’ sea creatures. ‘Stingray Splash’ allows clients who want to experience the gentle power and strength of these animals, by entering the pool, and swim with the Stingrays themselves.

Kelly Tarlton’s is home to very vibrant and playful colonies of King and Gentoo Penguins. Be part of their Antarctic enclosure and experience how these amazing animals live and play in their natural habitat of snow, ice and very cold water when your clients travel through their enclosure on the Penguin Enclosure “Snowcat” journey.

Ferocious Sharks, piranhas, turtles, crayfish, moray eels, brightly coloured and poisonous fish are all inches away on a specially created moving viewing platform, which travels under an ingenious acrylic tunnel. This makes the Underwater World experience a very real encounter with the most dangerous predators of the deep – Sharks.

At a Glance:

– A tour through the attraction can take from 1 hour to as long as visitors wish to spend.
– The Antarctic Snowcat commentary is available in English.
– There are information sheets available in 10 different languages.
– No special clothing is required as the Antarctic Encounter is heated and Stingray Bay and the Underwater World are dry.
– Wheelchair and disabled access is provided throughout the attraction.
– Guests are permitted to bring a camera, but the use of flashes or spotlights in the direction of the animals is prohibited.
– There is a spacious carpark for free customer parking.

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