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6 reasons you should book a spot on the Milford Sound Overnight Cruise

Milford Sound has been called the world’s top travel destination and is the most famous of the natural fiords in the Fiordland region. Many call it the “eighth wonder of the world” due to its jaw-dropping beauty. Like its relative Doubtful Sound, it’s a rare place because it becomes even more beautiful with rain – […]

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Exploring Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Love the sparkling lights of the city but want to get away from it all on your New Zealand trip? A visit to Waitomo Glowworm Caves awaits you in the King Country. A Kiwi icon, it’s a favourite with nature lovers of all ages, full of history and magic. Here are some of the best […]

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5 reasons to visit Tongariro National Park

Tongariro is New Zealand’s oldest national park, a giant natural wonderland located in the centre of the North Island. It’s known for being the home of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, as well as some of the famous volcanoes used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings films, but did you know there’s a […]

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Why travel from Auckland to the Bay of Islands?

Auckland, also known as the City of Sails, and the Bay of islands are two gems you won’t want to miss on your New Zealand trip. The Bay of Islands is world-famous for its game fishing and sailing while Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with excellent food & drink and big city adventures, all […]

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Unique Places to Stay in New Zealand | Part 2

We’ve got 8 more inspirational and unique places to stay on your next New Zealand holiday, for budgets big or small! 1. Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses – Kaikoura One of the South Island’s brightest gems, Kaikoura is a rugged ocean paradise. The Hapuku Lodge invites in with pure luxury, country style; laze in the […]

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You’ve Heard About the Northern Lights, What About Seeing the Southern Lights?
Aurora Australis

You’ve probably heard of the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights, but what about their Southern counterpart, the Southern Lights? Never heard of them? No problem! Read on for all the information you need on how, when, and where to see the Aurora Australis on your New Zealand holiday. This is one lightshow you won’t […]

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Unique Places to Stay in New Zealand | Part 1

Looking for somewhere unusual to stay on your New Zealand holiday? Look no further – we’ve got some quirky and unforgettable options for you right here. 1. The Honest Lawyer – Nelson The Honest Lawyer overlooks the water on Nelson’s Monaco Peninsula… the sunsets across the Waimea Estuary are breathtaking, and the pub itself is […]

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Cruising? What about a New Zealand shore excursion?

Heading on a cruising holiday to New Zealand? Shore excursions are the best way to get the most out of your holiday! See New Zealand’s most famous destinations, each offering a unique experience and memories that will last a lifetime. There are options on both the North and South Island covering a wide range of […]

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7 reasons you should book a spot on the Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise
Aerial view of Doubtful Sound

Few places on Earth can match the beauty of Doubtful Sound in New Zealand’s South Island. Set within the huge national park of Fiordland, it’s one of the most beautiful reasons to take a trip to New Zealand. Where else can you find penguins and dolphins swimming just a few metres away from waterfalls? Nowhere! […]

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New Zealand is a holiday destination for all seasons

From bright sunny beaches to breathtaking mountains, New Zealand has it all. Such accessible beauty combined with a temperate climate make the Land of the Long White Cloud the perfect holiday destination all year round. Whether it’s a ski trip in Winter, Summer days at the beach, a wine-lover’s adventure in Autumn or enjoying the […]

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What is the Forgotten World Highway?

The Forgotten World Highway is a historic 149km stretch of road in New Zealand’s North Island. Running between Taumarunui in the King Country to Stratford in Taranaki, it is known for its spectacular vistas and the quaint small towns dotted along the journey. This is a real hidden gem for anyone seeking a unique New […]

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3 Things You Should Not Miss On Your Visit To Rotorua

Nestled on the shores of its namesake lake in the North Island’s idyllic Bay of Plenty region, Rotorua is known for its stunning scenery and geothermal activity. Think geysers and natural hot mud pools! From walking tours around the plentiful lakes of the region, to stunning mountain biking trails, there is an activity to suit […]

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Thrilling NZ Holiday Experiences for All Ages

Do you remember the first time you took an overseas holiday? Boarded a plane, letting the engines take you away before stepping onto the tarmac a few hours later, in another country, mere footsteps from a world yet to be discovered? New Zealand doesn’t hold back on adventure, thrills and the sort of chills that […]

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The South Island’s Best Day Walks

New Zealand day walks have gained quite the reputation among folk who love to stomp their mark on the world’s trails. Beautiful, varied and simply unforgettable, a few thousand steps and six to eight hours can change the way you understand the natural world beyond the Hobbit holes of the South Island’s usual suspects. There’s […]

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The Top Places in New Zealand to Swim with the Dolphins

New Zealand is brimming with authentic once in a lifetime experiences. It’s just that sort of place, combining the best pleasure, thrill and relaxation distractions into two exploration-friendly islands without much effort. But what tops the list? What should you absolutely do? Few activities can really compare to the playful company of our native dolphins. […]

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Our Essential 3 Free South Island Must See’s

Holidays cost money. It’s an inescapable fact of travel, whether you’re pinning down the best prices for flights and accommodation or sampling the tastiest eats your selected region has to offer, you and your hard-earned savings will part ways somewhere, somehow. Unlike many other global destinations, however, New Zealand comes pre-loaded with a singular and […]

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Weather-Wise: What Should You Pack for Your New Zealand Holiday

Don’t let second-hand stories sway you, the best weather in New Zealand isn’t restricted to a specific season, as the ever-changing climate shakes out once-in-a-lifetime activities and point-and-shoot sights with each mercurial variation. Something for everyone is the unofficial watch-word of Aotearoa, appealing to a broad range of travel styles, plans and itineraries. But what […]

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The North Island’s Best Day Walks

New Zealand is one of the most walkable nations in the world. Every year, thousands of intrepid travelers pack their bags and lace-up their all-terrain shoes to explore the hidden pockets and reaches of this green-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see paradise. The best bit? No snakes, creepies or crawlies to ruin your adventure mood. The North Island is a […]

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5 Reasons to Visit Tongariro National Park

Do you have an appetite for a raw experience? A wilderness New Zealand holiday awaits. Tongariro National Park promises expansive, life-changing experiences across its huge 79,596 hectares of sparkling lakes, jagged mountain ranges, white-water rivers and valleys of golden grass. Haven’t heard of it? Maybe you’ve seen the name, but never really thought about the […]

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Walk and Kayak: Explore Abel Tasman National Park like a Local

Perched on the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island, Abel Tasman National Park has all the splendour of Milford Sound… without the crowds. A stone’s throw away from the cellar doors of the Marlborough wine region, this pint-sized national park – the smallest in New Zealand – packs more punch than you’d expect. From […]

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4 New Zealand Shore Excursions to Enjoy this Year

New Zealand cruising is fast becoming an essential bucket-list entry on every globe-trotters mind. There’s something about a sea-bound trip, the freedom, the food, the togas… it’s a unique experience, appealing to people who love their accommodation, dining and entertainment options all in one place. Although you’re not forced to leave the boat when the […]

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