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Our country is made for driving holidays! Book your next motorhome holiday with Relaxing Journeys – it’s our experience and knowledge of the country that will ensure your holiday in New Zealand is a trip of a lifetime. We organise your rental reservation, book any extra accommodation & activities, answer all your questions and all at the lowest price!

Before you start your journey, please click here to see seven tips on driving in New Zealand.


Maui River
6 Berth Motorhome

Now there are no more arguments about who gets the best view! The Maui River 6 berth was created to for the family at mind. You will get the best views from the drivers cab and the kids can be safely seated enjoying their favourite DVD movie. Pricing starts from NZ$275 per day.
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Maui Beach
4 Berth Motorhome

The Maui Beach 4 berth has given emphasis of creating a contemporary design with more space to give an apartment feel to the main cab. It will get all travellers the ability to stretch out and not feel closed in. The Maui Beach offers a front dining zone for an open and versatile space. Pricing starts from NZ$265 per day.
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Maui Ultima Plus
3 Berth Motorhome

Designed in response to the growing popularity of travelling as a trio. The Maui Ultima Plus 3 Berth is ideal for 2 adults and a child. The third passenger sits directly behind the driver. Perfect for a child to be close to you while on the road. Pricing starts from NZ$235 per day.
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Maui Ultima
2 Berth Motorhome

Maui's most popular motorhome on their fleet, the Maui Ultima 2 Berth is the perfect vehicle choice for two adults. With the choice of sleeping your way, you can choose to have a double bed or 2 singles. Pricing starts from NZ$225 per day.
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Britz Frontier
6 Berth Campervan

The Britz Frontier 6 Berth is an affordable comfort with three double beds, plus a spacious interior for up to six adults or a larger family and larger windows around the main cab to offer amazing views each day. Pricing starts from NZ$250 per day.
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Britz Explorer
4 Berth Campervan

All 4 passengers sit up front together while travelling New Zealand, with two purpose built seats behind the driver. The Britz Explorer is perfect for a spacious trip away. Pricing starts from NZ$240 per day.
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Britz Venturer Plus
3 Berth Campervan

The Venturer Plus is aimed at the growing family and suited for 2 adults and a child. The vehicle comes fully loaded with shower & toilet, and amazing kitchen facilities. Pricing starts from NZ$220 per day.
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Britz Venturer
2 Berth Campervan

The Britz Venturer 2 Berth gives 2 adults who want to travel in comfort with all the necessities of a home away from home. Pricing starts from NZ$210 per day.
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Maui Campervans premier vehicles are guaranteed less than 3 years old & the Britz standard fleet are between 3 and 6 years old. That’s it! Whether you hire a premier campervan or a standard campervan, you are assured of the same competitive rate inclusions, hire conditions, insurance options and service standards.

Maui Campervans
Our premier fleet, the Ultimate in space & design, sleeping between two and six people comfortably, all vehicles are quality European Mercedes or VW models and feature automatic transmission. All designed to our own exacting specifications and including modern innovations that ensure you will enjoy a perfect holiday. All vehicles are guaranteed less than 3 years old.

Britz Campervans
Our standard fleet, A large range of campervan choices to suit your needs whether you are travelling by yourself or with your family, with branches close to New Zealand’s major airports. These vehicles are suited to the more price conscious traveller who, while looking for quality on a budget, is prepared to forgo the enhancements offered by the newer premier product.


Daily vehicle rental rates include:
– 15% GST
– Unlimited Kilometres
– Airport transfer upon vehicle collection and return during office hours
– Linen and bedding
– Kitchen equipment
– General Equipment – List can be found on Equipment Tab
– In Vehicles Tablet with GPS, travel and campervan operation tips and more
– On Road care 7 days a week via a NZ toll free helpline – 0800 755 558
– Free admission for the driver at Waitomo Glowworm Caves – Must present rental agreement to staff to redeem.
– All campervans are insured for damages and for damages to property of a Third Party. Conditions Apply

No, hires are calculated on a daily rate not a 24 hour basis. Therefore the first and last days are both counted when calculating the number of hire days, regardless of the time you pick up or drop off the vehicle. The above example would be an 8 day hire.

A non-refundable deposit of NZ$250 + 10% of the motorhome cost is payable immediately on receipt of confirmation. Payment of the balance must reach Relaxing Journeys no later than 90 days prior to the pick up date.  Full payment information will be provided with the booking confirmation. Cancellation conditions apply.

The following Cancellation Fees will apply if a booking get cancelled:
– If cancelled up to 91 days prior to pick-up …………………………………Loss of Deposit
– If cancelled from 90 to 22 days prior to pick up………………………….Loss of Deposit & 10% of Rental
– If cancelled from 21 to 7 days prior to pick-up …………………………..Loss of Deposit & 20% of Rental
– If cancelled 6 to 1 days prior to pick-up ……………………………………..Loss of Deposit & 50% of Rental
– If cancelled on day of pick up or No-Show …………………………………100% of Rental
– If vehicle is returned early there is no refund available for the unused days.

There are 3 depots located in New Zealand. They are located in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, All 3 depots are conveniently located near to the International and Domestic Airports. Maui Campervans and Britz Campervan requests that clients collecting or returning their vehicle to be in the office by 1530 hours. All depots are open 7 days per week, 0800 hours – 1630 hours. Customers must give adequate time to complete the required paperwork. Branches are closed on Christmas Day (25 December) and pickup and drop-off are not available on this day. Branch details are shown below:

36 Richard Pearse Drive
Ph: (09) 255 3910

159 Orchard Road
Ph: (03) 357 5610

50 Lucas Place
Ph: (03) 450 9510

No.  Once travel has commenced, a change of drop off location is always subject to confirmation by Relaxing Journeys & Maui/Britz Rentals and may incur the full cost of repositioning the vehicle to the original drop off location reserved and may incur a fee up to NZ$750 and any extra days hired.

A minimum rental of 5 days applies. Minimum rental period is 10 days for hires where travel includes 20 December to 10 January. Minimum rental period is 10 days when a vehicle is being collected from the North Island and is being return to the South Island if the rental commences between the months of October through to March. (both inclusive) Minimum rental are subject to change and any such change will be notified to you on booking confirmation.

One Way Fees apply between the following depots:

Auckland to Christchurch or Queenstown:
NZ$100 – 01 April – 30 September
NZ$250 – 01 October – 31 March

Christchurch to Queenstown or vice versa:
NZ$50 – 01 April – 30 September
NZ$75 – 01 October – 31 March

Christchurch or Queenstown to Auckland:
NZ$150 – 01 October – 31 March

Location Fees apply to the following depots:

– An additional location fee applies to all campervans picked up and dropped off in Queenstown: (though if pickup and drop off both occur in Queenstown, only one fee applies)
NZ$95 – All year round

Auckland & Christchurch:
No Location Fees apply to these depots

When picking up or dropping off a vehicle on the following NZ Public Holidays, A NZ$100 surcharge will apply and paid direct:

– 30 March 2018 – Good Friday Easter
– 02 April 2018 – Easter Monday
– 25 April 2018 ANZAC Day
– 04 June 2018 Queens Birthday
– 22 October 2018 – Labour Day
– 25 December 2018 – Christmas Day – All Depots are closed and no pickup or drop-off can be done this day.
– 26 December 2018 – Boxing Day
– 01 January 2019 – New Year’s Day
– 02 January 2019 – Day after New Year’s Day
– 06 February 2019 – Waitangi Day

The Road User Charge Recovery fee (Diesel Tax) is a fee paid direct at the end of the hire and is not included in the Standard Rate or Maui & Britz Inclusive Pack. The fee is included in the Express Return Pack. The diesel tax fee is based on the kilometres travelled during the hire. At the end of the rental agreement the mileage travelled will be checked and a fee will be charged for every 100km travelled. The vehicle rates per 100km are as follows:

– Maui Ultima & Ultima Plus: NZ $6.22
– Maui Beach & River: NZ $6.62
– Britz Venturer & Venturer Plus: NZ $6.22
– Britz Explorer & Frontier: NZ $6.62

Maui Campervans and Britz Campervans reserves the right to amend the Road User Charge Recovery Fee in response to changes in Government Road User Charges.

Late pick-up or early return of the vehicle does not entitle you to any refund of the unused portion of the rental. There is no refund if you return your vehicle earlier than the reserved period within your rental agreement.

The minimum age for hiring a vehicle is 21 years. There is no upper age limit.

No. All drivers must be 21 years of age or older and hold a current and full (non-probationary) motor vehicle driver’s licence and must be produced at the start of the hire, your country of origin licence is acceptable. However, non-English licence holders must either carry an accredited English translation of their licence or an International Driving Permit while driving. A normal car licence is all that is required to drive any of the campervans. No heavy vehicle, or other special category, licence is required. No maximum age limit applies providing an appropriate valid licence is held by the hirer. The English translation referred to must be issued by one of the following authorities:

– The New Zealand Translation Service
– A diplomatic representative at a High Commission, Embassy or Consulate
– The authority that issued your overseas driver’s licence

Yes. An extra drivers fee applies to each additional drivers licence added to the rental agreement except if the Maui or Britz Inclusive Pack has been booked. The charge for an additional driver is NZ$2 per day with a maximum charge of NZ$30 per hire, per driver.

No, it is necessary for you to come to our Depot to collect your vehicle so we are able to complete the necessary documentation, and familiarise you with the operation of the campervan. Maui and Britz provide FREE airport to branch and branch to airport transfers on the day of arrival and departure for all three branches during hours of operation. Please note the last recommended pickup time from an arrival flight is 1530 hours each day to give adequate time for processing your booking.

All Maui and Britz vehicles can only be collected and returned within the branch operating hours. All depots are open 7 days per week, 0800 hours – 1630 hours. Branches are closed on Christmas Day (25 December) and pickup and drop-off are not available on this day. Please note the last recommended pickup time from an arrival flight is 1530 hours each day to give adequate time for processing your booking.

All Maui Campervans are guaranteed to be under 3 years old. All Britz Campervans are guaranteed to be no more than 5 years old. All vehicles in the fleet are built on Mercedes Benz or Volkswagen chassis and have an automatic transmission.

Motorhomes can only be driven on sealed or well-maintained roads. Vehicles shall not be driven on:

– Skipper Road (Queenstown)
– Crown Range Road (Queenstown)
– Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook)
– Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
– North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula)
– All ski field access roads (from 01 June to 31 October)
– Maui & Britz reserves the right at its discretion to restrict vehicle movement in certain areas of NZ due to adverse road or weather conditions

Some Travel Insurance policies make provision for you to be able to cover all or part of the Liability Deposit/Excess of NZ$7,500. However, you should be aware that you must still pay a Liability Deposit to Maui or Britz. The Liability Deposit/Excess must be paid by credit card and will be debited immediately. The Bond/Excess is fully refundable, including the credit card surcharge if the card used to provide the Excess is a Visa or MasterCard, provided the vehicle is returned without damage to it or to third party property, and within the terms of the rental agreement. If the Liability is debited with an American Express card the surcharge is not refundable.

The client will be required to have sufficient credit with the credit card company to enable us to secure the authorisation on pick up. Payment of the NZ$7,500 Liability Deposit is per incident and should damage be incurred to the hired vehicle or third party property, the authorisation will be invoked and a further authorisation will be required.

The authorisation will be cancelled on return of the vehicle to the agreed drop off depot and on the due drop off date, in a reasonably clean, undamaged condition, with no damage incurred to third party property and with a full tank of fuel and empty toilet cassette and waste water tank.

Yes, every vehicle is fully equipped at no additional cost to the hirer. Refer to Equipment tab above for a complete list of items included.

Yes, all hires include a complimentary pack containing camping park directories, a complimentary New Zealand Travel Guide that incorporates a NZ Road Atlas and a Vehicle Instruction Manual, and other tourist information.

We recommend that you consider making advance bookings for the peak holiday periods from Christmas/New Year to Easter period and bookings may be wise in some of the key tourist centres.

It is not always necessary to book a ferry in advance, but we do recommend that you do so to avoid delay. Bookings are strongly advised during the high season November to March and it is advisable to reserve the ferry at the same time as you book your vehicle.

Yes, Maui and Britz provide 24 hour on-road assistance support. Please contact Maui or Britz Vehicle Rentals staff member 24 hours a day on our freephone helpline, 0800 788 558. Maui and Britz Rentals has a comprehensive network of Service Agents throughout the country who can assist.

No. We regret that animals are not permitted to travel in any of our vehicles, excluding guide dogs.

Maui and Britz provide free airport to branch and branch to airport transfers on the day of arrival and departure for our Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown branches.

The Mobile Wi-Fi can connect up to 4 mobile devices at any one time. However connecting the maximum number of devices to your mobile Wi-Fi may cause it to respond more slowly or freeze. It is recommend when the Wi-Fi activity is completed, the device is disconnected.

No. Mobile data can be purchased in 1GB or 5GB of data bundles, when you have used 85% of your allowance you will be notified via text message on the mobile number you have saved against your rental. Additional data bundles can be purchased by the customer through the mobile Wi-Fi unit provider. Please note if you go over your data limit you will be charged for a Wi-Fi 1GM Top automatically if one hasn’t been chosen. This charge will be added to your rental for settlement when you drop off your camper.

The agreed data bundle prices for top ups are as follows: 1. NZ$35 for 1GB 2. NZ$65 for 5GB.

The Wi-Fi can be used in most 3G mobile phone coverage areas. There are some remote places such as national parks, which may have limited or no mobile service.